Why schools are using our phonics games bags

1.  Teachers can use the game bags flexibly in or out of class to reinforce phonics with fun games! Children are playing the games in catch-up phonics sessions as well as breakfast or after-school clubs.

2.  Schools are sending the bags home so that parents can reinforce phonics by playing fun games with their children. Getting parents involved in their child’s learning is a key government objective for schools both nationally and internationally. They are constantly being encouraged to find creative ways to strengthen parental participation and support for children’s at home learning.

3.  With combined efforts of home (parental support/interest) children make greater and faster progress with their learning, than either party working on their own.

Reasons why parents like using the phonics games bags

1.  Parents want to support their child’s learning at home but may feel hindered by a lack of curriculum knowledge, age-appropriate resources, time and know how. HSC provides this.

2.  Resources ordinarily available in the classroom (but difficult/unavailable for purchase for individual children) are now made accessible for use by children/families in the home.

3.  The resources are intended for use all year round at the parents and child’s convenience. Sometimes in our busy and scheduled lives, freedom and flexibility to support in the home in our own way and at our own convenience is crucial.

4.  Children benefit from one-to-one attention and interest from their families further engaging them in their learning across both contexts.

5.  The play instructions are simple and the activities/games are nearly all oral, interactive and fun. Focus is on family interaction and the sharing of learning; enhancing the child’s understanding rather than on performance, outcome and testing.

6.  The phonics games are intended to prime, reinforce and stretch learning that goes on in school, not replace it.

7.  No matter what the ability level of the child, families can move their child on from his/her own personal starting point. (e.g. help a struggling learner to gain knowledge/skills expected of their age; stretch the child performing at average or above average levels).

Reasons why children love playing the games at home

1.  Children love getting one-to-one time and attention from their parents, extended family and/or older friends. They enjoy sharing their learning.

2.  Suddenly there are lots of hands-on fun resources to work with at home.

3.  Children learn things that help them to understand concepts in school better.

4.  By practicing at home, children master topics/skills at home that they may find challenging in school.

5.  Extra time can be spent playing games which reinforce childrens’ existing reading strengths or target weaknesses.

6.  Children can feel confident about learning to read and look forward to school.

Children playing tumbling tower