Reception Reading Games Board Pack

Reception Reading Board Games Pack


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For use at home by parents, families & children

The Reception Reading Board Games Pack and parent pamphlet takes parents through how the 3 board games can be used to support their child’s reading whilst they are in Reception.

Typical age range:  4-5 yrs (Reception / Early Years Foundation Stage)

Early Readers: 3-4 yrs (Nursery)

Struggling Readers: 5-7 yrs (Years 1-3)

10 in stock

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The Reception Board Games pack & parent pamphlet (now free to download) takes parents/supporting TAs in schools, through how the 3 board games can be used to support childrens’ reading whilst they are in Reception. The games complement the HSC Reception reading pack beautifully as there is a relevant game to support each Letters and Sounds Phase 2, 3 and 4. The games can be played to help children learn through having fun – learning CVC words (at phase 2), learning Phase 3 Sounds and learning how to read words with initial and end consonant blends (phase 4).

Although ideally the games pack will work best as a complement to the core Reception Reading pack, some parents (and schools) may wish to purchase this pack in isolation – as a light touch way to enhance children’s reading skills in school or at home. The parent pamphlet that accompanies this pack has some useful game alternatives and game variations that can be played using the original game board resources.


  • CVC Bingo board game (Phase 2)
  • 5 Synthetic Phonics Board Games (Phase 3)
  • Blends Match Board Game (Phase 4)


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