Preparation Tips for Parents before Playing the Phonics Games

1.Listen to how the letter sounds are pronounced

2. Keep the box and its contents out of reach/somewhere safe when the family is not using them.

There is nothing worse than missing pieces or damaged materials when you want to use them with your child. Keeping them safe and only using them during family learning time also keeps the materials novel and exciting. Children get the message that the games are special and need to be respected.

3. Plan ahead.

Decide when you would like to play the games with your child and set aside 10-15 mins. The games are designed to be short and easy to play to fit into busy home routines! Perhaps download the game boards in advance so that everything is to hand when the time comes to play.

4. Download a sticker chart and laminate it (for extra strength).

Have some stickers and the reward chart ready in a pouch so that you can praise your child with a sticker every time he/she reads a book or plays a reading game with you.