Benefits of phonic games bags

Research is unequivocal about the long-term benefits of parental involvement and engagement in a child’s learning. Specifically these phonics game bags have the following benefits:

√  Schools can involve families in their child’s phonics learning in a way that is accessible (demystifying phonics) and lots of fun!

√  Families enjoy playing simple games where the parent facilitates, without requiring specialist phonics knowledge. In class, TA’s facilitate.

√  Schools can send home phonics bags in addition to reading scheme books. This way, children have all three components of phonics, reading books and HFW reinforced at home.

√  All game resources are provided to parents/TAs in a bag (adding ease and convenience for busy adults).

√  Schools remain the expert in deploying and using the bags – teachers decide when the bags go out, to whom and how/where the games are to be played.

√  Games/resources are quick to play, fun, novel, durable, cost-effective and easily replaceable

√  Bags can be re-used year on year

Suggested use of the Phonic Games Bags

Use with select pupils only (struggling readers; pupil premium)

Buy 1-2 sets of 9 bags and use with select pupils only (to boost their phonics learning either via TA small group work or sending the bags home for 1 week). In the Autumn term Phase 2 bags could be used with Reception and simultaneously the Phase 3 Bags might be used with Year 1 or 2 pupils who are at this level.

Class Set (Use with whole Class)

Obtain the whole set (36 bags which comprises of 4 of each bag). The class will need to be divided into groups of 4. It takes approximately 10-11 weeks for the whole class to have had all four Phase 2 bags (from October – December). It takes 11-13 weeks for the whole class to have had all five Phase 3 bags (January – April).