FAQ for Schools

What are the phonic game bags?

They are a set of 9 bags (containing different phonics games) for children to play either in class or at home. The target age group is Reception, aged 4-5. However, the bags can also be used with older pupils who are reading at Reception level.

How can ‘Phonics in a bag’ be used?

Schools can use the game bags:

  • Within whole class literacy lessons (Reception Year)
  • Small group phonics sessions (Reception year)
  • As a Reception age Phonics lending library where children take home a bag a week (class set of 36 bags).
  • Small group phonics sessions (SEN phonics intervention for older pupils reading at Reception level)
  • SEN home-school intervention for older readers at Reception level
  • Breakfast clubs
  • After school clubs

When used as a phonics lending library

The phonics bags can uniquely bridge a home-school gap and provide a practical, hands-on approach for families to reinforce phonics at home. Parents can also support their children at home without a great deal of specialist knowledge or time, with HSC’s ‘pick up and go’ approach. Parents are supplied with all the physical games/resources to engage children and make learning fun!

What is inside each bag?

  • Game Instruction Card
  • 2 Phonics Games (with all needed resources to play)
  • HFW Activity

What’s inside the set of 9 bags?

The pdf below describes the game contents, resources and sounds covered for each game bag. There are 4 game bags at phase 2 of Letters and Sounds and 5 game bags at Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds

Click here to download a pdf outlining the content and structure of the bags.

What makes the phonics bags so special and a great buy?

The games and resources in each bag are fun, durable, novel, easy to play and all in a bag (saving the teacher valuable planning and organisation time). The individual items are also not expensive or difficult to replace (many items such as counters etc. are readily available in schools). However, replacement items can be ordered from the HSC site, where needed.

Can the website help our parents to support phonics/reading in the home?

The website provides support to parents by providing them with relevant phonics teaching information, downloadables, and useful phonics teaching videos.

Click here to go to Resources for Parents