What is inside the Reception Reading Pack ?

The Reception Reading Pack contains :

  • A Parent Activity Guide to Teach Early Reading and Phonics (A free online instructional video, can also be accessed following purchase where real families demonstrate how to complete the reading activities using the supplied resources below).
  • Sound Flashcards
  • Magnetic Sound Tiles
  • 9 Sound Cubes
  • High Frequency Word Sets (including the Common Exception Words or ‘Tricky’ Words). Year 1 HFW are also included for extension.
  • Magnetic Board, Pen & Eraser
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Who is it for?

Reception Age Children (4-5 Yrs Old)

The resources are primarily targeted at parents who are supporting Reception-age children to learn how to read. Parents use the resources to reinforce and practice what children have already been introduced to and are learning in school.

Nursery Age Children (3-4 Yrs Old)

The pack resources can also be used with children 3+ who are showing signs that they are ready to be introduced to phonics early and show an active interest in books and reading. If you are not sure whether this is your child, you can always download the reading readiness checklist from this website to help you decide. You can also read our early readers case study.

Year 1 onwards (5+)

The resources can also be used with slightly older children (Year 1 onwards) if they are struggling to read (are reading at Reception level) or just simply need more practice to become confident.

Benefits of the Reading Pack 

  • Parents have control and autonomy with the pack, being able to fit in learning sessions according to their own schedules.
  • Depending upon the child’s ability and aptitude, parents can adapt the pace, moving faster or slower to suit the child
  • The phonics teaching method follows the DfES Letters and Sounds approach still used in many schools today.
  • Children enjoy and benefit from getting one-to-one time and attention from their parents, extended family and/or older siblings.
  • Children can learn to read faster using tactile, fun resources at home (and not just worksheets).